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Established in 1999 to manufacture cloakrooms and metal cabinets, the Metallic Furniture brand is developed and diversified its production according to the demands of the market. We sum engage in the manufacture of safes, shelves, designs tubing and other articles of steel. Our objective satisfied our local and foreign customers.
We are equipped with human and material resources to meet the expectations of our various customers and we welcome it.

Our new product line is launched and is marketed in North Africa As in Europe, namely: urban furniture, scaffolding, stainless steel products, shelves and parts welded.


Metal furniture has a range of products :
Storage furniture
Office furniture
Filing cabinets
Semi-metallic furniture

Our products are robust quality and neat, we also offer solutions for document archiving and storage shelving from simple to sophisticated, we also manufacture various boxes and safety deposit boxes and doors and large closets, We produce tube and wire products for PLV.
Meubles Metallique is capable of performing various specific studies and work.


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Delivery and Setup

Our company will handle the delivery of your furniture also are committed at your disposal a team of qualified technicians and many that are still available.


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134 Rue Om Larayes ZI Saint Gobain, Mégrine 2014, Tunisia
Phone: +216 71 434.255
Fax: +216 71 425.179
Cel: +216 98 128.778 / 98 128.780

Email1: klarrion@klarrion.com
Email2: etskc@yahoo.fr

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